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A firm, yet fair approach:

Our extensive experience in this field of law, coupled with our tailored strategic approach, ensures the timeous resolution of all property disputes. This approach includes 4 key stages:


1. Insight & Engagement

At Vermaak & Partners, we believe in the importance of exhaustive insight into any dispute to ensure the best possible results.
This insight is gathered via:

– Client briefings/meetings;
– Personal site visits;
– Stakeholder engagement;
– Best practice in property dispute resolution;
– A specialist understanding of property law pertaining to property rights and dispute resolution.

2. Strategy & Planning

Once we are clear on all the variables pertaining to a particular case, we are able to develop a range of strategic scenarios (from best case to worst case), and a detailed approach to resolving the dispute for each of these. This ensures that all possible avenues of resolution have been considered and can be called on, depending on how the case proceeds.

3. Execution

We are mindful that every month-end that passes is a rental cycle lost by the owner and gained by the occupier.  We attempt to ensure that an eviction order is obtained as fast as possible within the constraints of the Rules of Court, the Prevention of  Illegal Eviction From and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act, 1998 (“PIE”) and the High Court Practice Directives.  We will almost invariably launch motion proceedings out of the appropriate High Court, no matter where in the Republic.  In Johannesburg, and if unopposed, we can generally expect an eviction order within approximately 7 to 9 weeks, whereafter the occupier will invariably be given a further month to vacate the property (we are working on this!).

If there are grounds for urgency, we will bring the application out of the urgent court and, dependent on the urgency, one can obtain the requisite order within a very short time if there is a danger to life or property.  Similarly, an interdict against land invasion can be obtained inside a day if circumstances warrant.

Opposed matters are obviously more time consuming but you can rest assured that we attempt to minimise delay at all times.

Because the Court process is by way of affidavit, your presence is not necessary at Court.  We will also endeavour to keep you at arm’s length from the litigation, should you prefer or should the circumstances necessitate.

4. Measurement & Evaluation

We believe that what gets measured, gets done, so we ensure that we detail the critical success factors of any case before embarking on it, to ensure that our customers are 100% happy with how we have handled their dispute resolution.


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