What we doPrecision property rights enforcement:

At Vermaak & Partners we believe that the primacy of property rights is absolute, it is therefore our aim to resolve property disputes and enforce legal property rights as efficiently and effectively as possible.



Our services include:
– Stakeholder and community engagement around property disputes
– Fair, yet effective property evictions
– Long term property dispute resolution
– Landlord/tenant relationship management and enforcement
– Land invasion and rental boycott Interdicts
– Appearing at the Gauteng Rental Housing Tribunal (“RHT”)

In this we are guided by our values.

At Vermaak & Partners, we believe in:
– The right of ownership & the rule of law
– Empathy, dignity & equality for all
– Rigorous insight & strategic ingenuity
– Efficient, effective solutions
– Integrity & transparency

We strive to offer precision property rights enforcement to all of our clients.


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